Regenerative Farming

Joel Salatin

Please, consider giving to the production costs of this video. Nobody paid me to film this or make it available. I volunteered to film this video presentation because this information needs to be readily available, and for MILLIONS of people, because what the government and WEF elites are doing is shocking! Please give, and then share this video with anybody who will watch, and then, get busy and start farming!

The second part starts on benchmark of truth #10 and goes into questions. Please, consider taking notes and brainstorming how you can apply this information to your life. Are you in a high rise appartment, then get networking and listen again to the very last answer on part 2. Joel talks about a lady who wanted to start gardening, but had no land but did have one friend who did. She started gardening there, and did an amazing job there (starting small) And it led to her full time job!

You have to shift your mind first, then things will follow.